For the past 35 years Ken Morris has owned and managed Morris Wheel Alignment in Milbank, South Dakota. When Ken started in 1978 he specialized in doing wheel alignments and balancing tires. In 1980 Morris Wheel Alignment expanded the business and sold many different brands of tires for a wide range of vehicles.

By the time Morris Wheel Alignment had become successful, Ken pursued his interest in restoring corvettes and muscle cars from the late 60’s and early 70’s. This success led Morris Wheel to begin doing bodywork for a local car dealership. Eventually Morris Wheel Alignment purchased an auto dealer’s license in order to buy, repair and resell used cars. Many of Morris Wheel Alignments customers return because they are pleased with the quality of work and customer service they experienced.

Morris Wheel Alignment also offers wrecker service as well as a wide range of parts for many makes and models of vehicles.

Stop by or give Morris Wheel Alignment a call for your next vehicle needs. 605-432-4841